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Creating the next generation food app for Windows Phone doesn't mean it has to be messy

Mobile Application Design

We were asked to help out with the design of a UK based startup that was apart of a Microsoft development weekend. We were brought in to help with UI/UX in a very short period of time to bring the iOS and Android versions into the Windows Phone space. Here are our results.

Our Process

We helped hone in on exactly what the application should do and how the new app should work. We not only had to think through how users wanted to interact with the application itself, but also how WP7/8 effected how the app would work. This is just showing a bit of the internal process to get a sneek peek behind the scenes.

Windows Phone

Who said that everyone uses either iPhones or the seemingly exhausting list of Android phones? We’re helping bring brands up to speed with the Windows 7/8 platforms. Sure it’s a different way to navigate an app, but that doesn’t mean that Window Phone users should be left in the dark.

Final Designs

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