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Corporate Communications Doesn't Need to be Stuffy

Creating value for a luxury software startup aimed at business leaders

About Vaporstream

Private Messaging

Our client, Vaporstream, is a startup that offers digital protection for high level executives. Emails, instant messages and texts leave organizations vulnerable to corporate espionage. Vaporstream aims to solve this problem with patented software solutions. They approached us, because they needed assistance developing their brand’s image online & offline.

Transforming a Brand

With a customer base comprised of Fortune 500 CEO’s, it’s paramount that Vaporstream evoke high values of professionalism & luxury. Their old brand did a poor job with this task. After planning project milestones, auditing their competitors, and speaking with stakeholders, we crafted a digital strategy along with a mark to elevate public opinion of Vaporstream.

The Identity

The shield symbolizes Vaporstream's promise of delivering digital security to all their clientele. The logo has been carefully drawn to create a balanced, visually appealing configuration at all sizes & formats.

Content is King

Explaining how security flaws may result in billion dollar losses is quite compelling. Early on in the project, we structured statistics & other information into high-fidelity wireframes. By working with actual data early on in the project, our client was able to see a clear picture of Vaporstream’s new direction.

Temporary Website

Each project we take on has unique objectives. For example, Vaporstream asked for a temporary site to quickly replace it’s outdated messaging & feel. While we developed the company’s new ideals & marketing direction, this temporary site lived online for a few months.

Final Website

Marrying appropriate content with high class style is what we enjoy doing the most. With Vaporstream we were able to exercise this skill. We launched with a temporary site shown here at an expedited pace. Phase Two is currently in development, and will be featured here soon. Every project has unique timelines, and we’re able to accommodate most.

Final Designs

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