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Business Intelligence Done Well

Elevating the online presence for Analytics8 with a full site redesign & associated brand materials.

Our Client

We've supported Analytics8 for going on 5 years now. We've seen then grow from 6 people up to over 60. Growing relationships with companies like Analytics8 are what we enjoy most about working in the digital space.

Information Architecture

A ground up approach was taken with Analytics8 to completely rethink how content was structured on their site. New patterns for user flows were formed to help guide people through content.

With this solid base we were able to come up with a design strategy that helped support what we found with the information architecture phase of the project. This helps the site not only look, but 'feel' comfortable all around.


We outlined what sections were in need of consolidation, and surfaced higher level content so that it was forefront.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Being industry thought leaders isn't easy. It's also a challenge share ideas on a continual basis. We helped Analytics8 realize that not only bringing in a section to share 'insights' was a good idea, but something that they were already doing internally. We brought out their knowledge to everyone in an external fashion.

Expressionengine Integration

Every client wants a simple to use, customizable CMS these days. Expressionengine is our choice of platform for our needs. Flexible, highly customizable, and a nice developer community to support enhancements.

Print Material

We've revamped folders, booths, print-material, one-sheeters, sales sheets, and yes, even wine bottles for Analytics8. Raising the visual bar for the brand every step of the way.

Site Redesign

A company’s website speaks volumes. Before we redesigned Analytics8, their image appeared outdated & unprofessional. Now this business intelligence company appears as it should - intelligent. Viewers can easily navigate, consume content & comfortably instill trust into Analytics8.

Final Designs

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