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Our Client

New York based Admeld helps publishers increase their revenue from networks and exchanges. Their proprietary platform is designed to effectively monetize each impression. Admeld came to UnitOneNine in 2010 to redesign their identity and redesign their website. The result was a lasting relationship with a solid future.


Google Acquires Admeld™ For $400 Million

Admeld launched in 2007 with the goal of optimizing publisher advertising. In 2011 the company's value grew to the point where Google noticed. After the purchase, we continue to provide design help for Admeld across various mediums.

The Identity

Typical to all of our branding and identity projects, we explored numerous directions through sketching and research. We ultimately decided on a custom sans-serif typographic approach.


Periodicals such as whitepapers are typically staunchy and boring. We designed Admeld's printed materials to read corporate yet cool. We rolled the look and style throughout all of Admeld's printed material. The result was a unification across the most mundane to exciting piece of collateral.

Annual Forums

With confences and conventions occuring annually - we needed to build a system that allows Admeld to quickly and inexpensively update forum materials. To coincide with the geometric pieces of the brand we developed a simple system for forums, conferences and other events.


Every client wants a simple to use, customizable CMS these days. Expression engine is our choice platform, because it's flexible, highly customizable, and maintains an active developer community to support enhancements. We built Admeld's site on Expression Engine, and the client directly updates content without our direct assistance.

Final Designs

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