With experience ranging from global redesign initiatives as well as guiding businesses toward visually mature solutions daily, we provide value to our clients in various ways.


  • Creative

    • Creative concepting
    • Visual design
    • User-experience design
    • Creative direction
    • Visual consulting
  • Strategy

    • Multi-channel design strategy
    • Communication & planning
    • Mobile strategy
    • Search strategy
    • Product strategy
  • UX

    • Mobile experience design
    • Interaction design
    • Information architecture
    • Wireframing/ prototyping
    • User persona & role research
  • Mobile

    • Design & development
    • Education of mobile space
    • Mobile ecommerce
    • Mobile UX/UI concepting
    • Global mobile initatives
  • Technology

    • Mobile development
    • Systems integration
    • Custom application development
    • Service-centric architecture
    • Business analysis
  • Branding

    • Brand creation & incubation
    • Planning & marketing
    • Technology centric solutions
    • Research & planning
    • Brand engagement

What We Do



Discover & Understand

Our first objective is to create a ‘divergent thought’ where all team members keep their perspectives wide to allow for a broad range of ideas and influences. In this stage of the design process, we ask questions, pose a hypothesis or identify a problem by analyzing market data, trends and other information sources.


Define & Ideate

We combine ideas & directions identified during the Discover stage and analyze and synthesize them into a brief with actionable tasks related to new and existing product or service development.


Design & Develop

During the Develop stage, our design team refines one or more concepts that will address the problems or issues identified during the first two steps of our process. We use various methods including creative techniques and methods such as brainstorming, visualization, prototyping, testing and scenarios.


Deploy & Maintain

The last stage of our process is where the final concept is taken through final testing, signed-off, produced and launched. This phase results in a product or service that successfully addresses the problem identified during the Discover stage. We also include a loop to inform future projects, including methods, ways of working and relevant information.


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